Hi, I am Ruby Duncan, a Whanganui based potter who has been working with clay for the last several years. Having lived in a variety of places and contexts, I have developed a passion to create beauty and a place to call 'home' using whatever comes to hand. As a mother of 3 and grandmother of 7, I have a passion for how we create a nurturing environment for others to thrive in. I have also lived and worked in some very impoverished places, where we have to use whatever comes to hand to create that place and beauty. I am constantly amazed at the resourcefulness and creativity that comes to hand where resources are limited. In this light, I also try to keep my prices affordable, hoping they are accessible to as many as possible.

In my home based studio, I love to work with a variety of clay bodies, creating a variety of textures and shapes. While I began as very much a hand builder, I’ve come to love the rhythm of making on the wheel and the pleasing symmetry you can create. But I will always produce a variety of forms and styles.

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